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If you want to move the world, get yourself moving first.” Sokrates

High performance, outstanding leadership and cultural change always start within yourself, independent of your role. Self awareness as well as self and relationship management will not only enable you to succeed but also bring out the best in everyone around you.

MIT research shows that enterprises with a top-quartile employee experience achieve twice the innovation, double the customer satisfaction, and 25% higher profits than organizations with a bottom-quartile employee experience.
An extensive project at Google identified “psychological safety” as the most important factor for team effectiveness.
Happiness makes people 12% more productive at work, according to research from the University of Warwick.
Evidence from 1.8 million employees suggests a strong positive correlation between employee wellbeing, productivity, and company performance.
According to a McKinsey study, companies with more diverse top teams were also top financial performers.
A Deloitte study reported that 94% of executives believe a strong workplace culture is important to business success. And another most recent research shows that 75% of employees agree that their company culture drives their active engagement at work.
Companies with highly engaged employees enjoy about 2.5x more revenue growth according to a report by the Hay Group.
A GlassDoor study found that being named a Best Place to Work is associated with a 0.75% stock increase.
Rely on the Science to Unlock Human Potential
You have built your business strategy based on data – develop your people based on science!

We offer tailor made, business relevant services with a focus on deeper level personal and leadership development that are rooted in neuroscience and, apart from more traditional approaches and upon need, also leverage the potential of mindfulness.

Rely on the Science to Unlock Human Potential
You have built your business strategy based on data – develop your people based on science!

We offer tailor made, business relevant services with a focus on deeper level personal and leadership development that are rooted in neuroscience and, apart from more traditional approaches and upon need, also leverage the potential of mindfulness.

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We are supporting leaders and organisations in developing a collaborative, creative and resilient mindset and culture. A future-oriented leadership style as well as a culture of openness and curiosity build the foundation of good employee wellbeing, excellent decision-making and more innovation. Click on each item below to learn more about current challenges and potential solutions in the specific areas.

Creativity and Innovation

Of all organizational and managerial aspects, most potential for future business success lays in the development of an innovation culture (57%) according to the latest report (August 2020) by the Swiss Economic Forum. These findings are in line with many studies across and also outside of the EU. But how to become more innovative and creative?

Creativity is a constant challenge and we all struggle with it. And there’s no singular way to find your next creative inspiration. That’s because there are innumerable ways in which a new idea can spring up and AHA moments often happen in unexpected situations of relaxation. A process which can nowadays be well explained by neuroscience.

The creative process is as much about the failures as it is about what eventually ends up as a success. The real work comes from learning how to love that process, to be flexible with it, to unlearn and not give up. Fear is the enemy of innovation. Stress reactions biologically inhibit any creative processing in the brain. A company culture of psychological safety and inclusion, and the employees’ mindset are both key in providing a brain-friendly environment for true innovation.

Biases and Decision-Making

From investment planning to hiring, from strategizing to raising children – our everyday lives are full of seemingly simple decisions and interactions. However, many unexpected and often irrational factors affect our decision-making. Understanding and acknowledging these factors, including the functioning of our ‘hunter-gatherer brain’, is the only way we can proactively counteract them. Successful decision-making strategies include dynamic decision-making processes, the wise use of collective intelligence and a curious mind.

Resilience and Wellbeing

More and more employees suffer from stress-related symptoms. In the Stress-Job-Index 2020 (Sept 2020), the Swiss Health Promotion Institute reports the following numbers:

  • Every 3rd working person feels emotionally drained
  • The amount of stressed people in the workforce has increased by 20% from 2014 – 2020
  • The productivity loss due to stress costs the Swiss economy about 7.6 bio CHF/year

In addition, Burn Out is now officially classified by the WHO as an “occupational phenomenon” and regarded as one of the biggest health threats in the 21st century. To counteract the trend, you want to support your employees to confidently find healthier ways to handle difficult situations, time pressure and complexity. Or you just simply want to increase retention and employee engagement. Mindfulness has been proven in many studies to increase resilience and wellbeing.

Combine Neuroscience
with Mindfulness-Based Approaches

In broad terms, neuroscientific behavioural research is concerned with how people generally process and respond to information, while mindfulness-based practices are devoted to focusing on the individual exploration of inner and outer experiences in the moment. Integrating the understanding of how our brains work with self-observation and reflection tools significantly increases our self- as well as social awareness – a prerequisite for smart decision making, resilience building and outstanding leadership.

Our Clients

We mainly serve mid- to large size private corporations, training and development companies as well as public and non-profit organizations across various industries. We believe culture & leadership, decision-making, innovation and wellbeing are highly relevant in many industry areas.

Claudia was able to deeply connect with the group through demonstrating solid domain knowledge on behavioral and (neuro-) science topics wrapped in an empathic facilitation style.
Jack Van Strien
CEO Personal Care Philips
Many people appreciated that our network brought the resilience topic with this specific science and mindfulness angle forward. We received very positive feedback about the relevance of the training and comments.
Alexandra Rueckriem
Head Family & Career Network, F. Hoffmann-La Roche
I really enjoyed the insightful, content rich and skillfully delivered leadership program and so did my colleagues. A lot of food for thought coupled with some very practical advices made Claudia’s training very helpful, both professionally and personally.
Jean-Manual Richier
CEO HSBC Bank plc. Switzerland
Claudia has designed a customized wellbeing training around mindfulness which runs over 6 months. She delivered it in a very approachable, highly pragmatic fashion, while sporting deep scientific knowledge and facilitation competence.
Lydia Haueter
Senior Investment Manager at Pictet Asset Management
In our long-term collaboration, I especially valued Claudia’s creativity and excellent rhetoric and presentation skills. She can motivate people, facilitate in a very intuitive and authentic way, and nurture positive group dynamics.
Marijana Chlistalla
International Medical Director, F. Hoffmann-La Roche
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