Areas of Interest


Leadership development

Do you want to make sure your programs are designed in a way they allow for the best learning experience according to the latest neuroscientific research findings? Or do you intend to complement your existing employee and leadership trainings with neuroscientific data and/or building blocks of mindfulness practice for more credibility, quality and sustainability? Or do you aspire helping the management to change their leadership style as it's the mindful and empathic corporate culture that fosters employee engagement and creativity as well as team collaboration and performance?

Diversity & Inclusion

Many studies show that social conflicts, such as 'feeling excluded', represent the most severe stress factors at work, which highly impact individual and team performance. Understanding the functioning of our "hunter-gatherer brain" and our (un-) conscious beliefs as well as learning inclusive behaviours and empathy contribute significantly to a diverse, constructive and open work environment  - the prerequisite for innovation, change, agility and high performance.

Resilience & Wellbeing

More and more employees suffer from stress-related symptoms. In the Stress-Job-Index 2018, the Swiss Health Promotion Institute reports the following numbers:

  • Every 4th working person feels emotionally drained
  • The amount of stressed people in the workforce has increased by 20% from 2015-2018
  • The productivity loss due to stress costs the Swiss economy about 6.5bio CHF/year

In addition, the WHO identifies Burn Out as one of the biggest health threats in the 21st centuryTherefore, you want to help your employees find ways to handle difficult situations, time pressure and complexity in a healthier way. Or you just simply want to increase retention and employee engagement.

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