Coaching focuses on the individual development on hard and soft skills of our clients. We believe in a coaching approach where we guide and support our clients in developing their own solutions to specific challenges rather than sharing our subjective truth. In this context, we focus in particular on sustainable solutions – both for our coachees and their teams – ensuring that mental and physical health is never put at second place, given its importance to performance, innovation and wellbeing. Among other techniques, we base our support on David Rock’s result-oriented Brain Based Coaching© approach.

Source: Neuroleadership Institute, US

A coaching engagement facilitates a change process via the 4 key elements of change over a specified period of time.

We start by creating a toward state with the goal setting process. As the coachee works methodically towards the goals, the coach facilitates insights and works with the coachee to set specific actions during every session, which, over time, lead to the development of new habits around how the coachee thinks and behaves.

Claudia Thali and Paul Schilling have both obtained coaching certification with the Neuroleadership Institut in London.