Our vision is that people can leverage their full potential for the greater good at work. We wish for more courage, creativity and compassion in the workplace, which will improve the employee experience and consequently lead to more innovation and the delivery of high customer value in an ethical and sustainable way

We provide strategic support on your challenges in the field of people development related to leadership & culture, biases & decision-making, creativity & innovation as well as wellbeing & resilience. We start each engagement with investing in understanding your environment, pain points and underlying needs. We commit to then provide independent advice, and if needed, to challenge you in your request to ensure the best possible outcome. Our solutions always take into consideration how the mind absorbs and integrates new information to make the change process as impactful and sustainable as possible.

If desired, we leverage the collaboration with our partner companies who are experts in the field of measuring company culture via AI methodologies or facilitating impactful skill development via personalize adaptive learning design.

Typical examples for consulting and learning design engagements:

You would like to improve the employee experience in your organization and feel stuck on how to best approach the topic.

You are going through a cultural transformation phase and you need a sparring partner who is close to the people in your organization to track progress and can provide feedback and advise in terms of communication and training requirements.

You would like advice on how to generally improve the employee education level in an area of our expertise by integrating coaching with experiential classroom sessions, on-the-job learning opportunities, communication touch points and modern technology approaches.