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Claudia Thali’s work and educational experience

Claudia Thali is a mindset enthusiast, corporate culture, leadership and resilience consultant, university lecturer, former global business manager, neurobiologist, certified mindfulness trainer & high school teacher, globetrotter, mother, avid reader and lifelong learner.

Background Claudia Thali

After completing the Master’s degree of Neuroscience (ETH Zurich) and the high school teacher training in biology, and prior to founding her company in 2018, Claudia Thali worked for a large Swiss pharmaceutical company for over 12 years, including eight years in various global business functions with increasing responsibility. Ongoing trainings in the US, EU and Switzerland included team development & leadership, coaching, communication, facilitation & presentation, and strategy development.

For many years, Claudia has been practicing mindfulness-based techniques to better cope with life’s challenges, including integrating family life with work. Claudia is a certified teacher for mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR®) as well as mindful leadership (SIYTM) and has been trained as a Brain-Based Coach® by the Neuroleadership Institute in London.

In addition to consulting and training, Claudia also teaches at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland on the topics of mindset, values in marketing, decision making and human-centred leadership. She is also responsible for the module coordination Leadership/Business Mgt. in the BSc program Int. Business Management.

Claudia loves neuroscience as well as strategic thinking in equal measure and feels connected to the principles of mindfulness. She believes that the future belongs to companies where people can unlock their full potential.


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