We work with corporations, training companies, public and non-profit organisations in a variety of industries. We believe that for long-lasting organisational success, development in the areas of culture, leadership, decision-making, creativity and resilience is essential in all areas of work.

In our many years of working together, I particularly appreciated Claudia’s creativity and her excellent rhetoric and presentation skills. She can motivate people, facilitate in a very intuitive and authentic way and create a positive group dynamic.

Marijana Chlistalla

Global Medical Director, F. Hoffmann-La Roche

Like my colleagues, I enjoyed the inspiring, content-rich, and excellently delivered leadership program, ‘Search Inside Yourself’. A lot of food for thought, coupled with some very practical advice, is of great benefit both professionally and personally.

Jean-Manual Richier

CEO, HSBC Bank plc. Switzerland

Due to her excellent knowledge of neuroscience in combination with an empathic facilitation style, Claudia was able to strongly connect with the group and stimulate deep reflection during our two development days.

Jack Van Strien

CEO Personal Care, Philips

The customised, 6-months programme ‘mindfulness-based stress and energy management’  was delivered by Claudia in a very accessible, empathic and pragmatic way. Her deep technical knowledge and the high level of facilitation skills helped us all to stay on track.

Lydia Haueter

Senior Asset Manager, Pictet Banking Group

For me, (sales) success starts in the head. The inner attitude, our mindset and resilience, are key. Claudia introduced us to the science around optimism and resilience in an impressive, understandable way and at eye level. For me and my team, it was a great experience that we build on in the future.

Patrick Cantieni

General Agent, Mobiliar

The presentation “What inspires us” by the two power women Claudia Thali and Judith Wernli (SRF3) was the perfect mix of emotion, entertainment and science. It was very inspiring, touching, enlightening and thought provoking. We can only recommend this tandem!

Kerstin Luginbühl

Marketing Manager, Raiffeisen Bank

The ‘Search Inside Yourself’ program developed at Google helped us to sustainably improve our internal and interdisciplinary cooperation, communication and also our resilience. The inspiring and at the same time scientifically conveyed program was the starting point for a new era of togetherness.

Remo Bühlmann

Head of Non-Academic Staff Radiology, Inselspital

For me, the way you introduced us to the topics of team development and the alternation of theory and practical work was very enriching! Valuable conversations arose between you and our team, but also among ourselves, which we can use well in everyday life. This day made me feel once again how much potential there is in our team.

Madeleine Kirchhofer

Stv. Team Leader Living and Care, ZEKA