Training Approach


Every individual has the potential to grow and flourish. This why I'am motivated to develop high quality and evidence-based trainings, which are delivered in an engaging, effective and empathetic way to allow for a great learning experience.

Most trainings are co-developed with partners from my neuroscience and mindfulness trainer network and therefore scalable.

Mental Strength

All trainings, workshops and keynotes are personally oriented and have a high business relevance. The goal is to strengthen different mental areas, which has a positive effect on the overall life satisfaction as well as on the performance of entire teams.

The aspects of relationship management, creativity, ability to focus and wellbeing are strongly interlinked. The more we manage to improve in one aspect, the more the others are shaped. Together they strengthen the resilience and the leadership qualities.

Theory and Practice

In order to achieve positive changes in the mentioned quality of life and performance aspects, three different methodological approaches are used: neuroscientific knowledge transfer, mindfulness practice and reflection based on personal experience during and outside of the training.

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