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Mindfulness - Just a Trend?

The benefits of a mindful lifestyle are well documented and learnable by everyone with some will and dedication. Mindfulness is not an esoteric form of philosophising, but healthy mental training, which, in order to develop the effect, must become part of everyday life.

Mindfulness is practiced globally in companies such as Google, Apple, Roche, IKEA, Goldman Sachs and Intel as well as at many universities and by top athletes. ABC news anchor Dan Harries summarises the compelling benefits of mindfulness in this short video.

In a simplified way, mindfulness can be defined as "the awareness that arises through directed, non-judgmental attention in the present moment" (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness, practiced in formal meditation and integrated into daily life, is demonstrably improving our physical and mental health. Well over 100 controlled studies (conducted at universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Max Planck Institute) report on the benefits of mindfulness in a variety of health care settings, including sleeping disorders, depression, pain and addiction. Furthermore, data show that meditation reduces cortisol levels, counteracting the toxic effects of chronic stress, and improves the ability to concentrate, enhances creativity, self-awareness and -regulation as well as social skills.


What we think, how we act and what we focus on changes the structure and function of the brain (neuroplasticity). By meditating, we increase our self-awareness and strengthen the brain areas responsible for focus and emotional regulation. This leads to greater wellbeing, creative thinking and concentration abilities and more pronounced social skills.

Mindful Leadership

"The success of the intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor."  William O'Brien

Emotional competences are important for the personal handling of stress and especially in the social context. Mindful leaders feel when a break is appropriate. They can also put things into perspective in difficult situations and take the view of others. In addition, they are empathic, present, clear and honest in the interaction with their fellow human beings. These are all soft skills that differentiate an average leader from a successful one. A fact that has been proven in several workplace studies.


Mindfulness based and ideologically neutral standard trainings, for which I am qualified (as of autumn 2019):

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

For individuals & companies: The most researched 8-week mindfulness program provides a good introduction to the topic with a focus on stress reduction

Leadership training developed at Google

For companies: Mindfulness and neuroscience based, directly transferable leadership 2-day (+4 weeks self-) training, focused on strengthening emotional competencies

Small selection of study data

Neuroplasticity: MRI images taken before and after an 8-week MBSR course show that the grey matter of participants in areas relevant to memory, attention, and emotional control has significantly condensed (Psychiatry Res. 191, p 36-43, 2011)

Conflict Management: The readiness of Israeli to enter into a political compromise in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was significantly increased immediately after the MBSR 8-week training and 6 months after that compared to a control group (Mindfulness 8, p. 1345-1353, 2017)

Emotional Intelligence: The world's largest secular meditation study shows that depending on meditation technique, other functional areas in the brain are trained. Conversational meditation and observation of one's own thinking increase the social skills and the feeling of connectedness (Mindfulness 8, p. 218-231, 2017)

Creativity and Focus: Mindfulness training leads to a significant measurement of attention performance and cognitive flexibility, as shown in this study, which compares people with and without meditation practice (Concious and Cognition 18, p. 176-186, 2009).

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