Scientists are like children who never stop asking questions

 neil de grasse tyson

Stay Ahead of the Curve by Leveraging the Latest Scientific Findings

The knowledge increase in neuroscience is explosive and today, concepts such as memory, creativity, consciousness can be empirically investigated and linked to specific regions and states in the brain (and also in the body). Current science suggests that less than 5% of the brain activity is deliberately controlled, and that our behaviour is more influenced by automatisms than most of us are aware.

The understanding of these mostly unconscious processes in the brain and body (= mind) and the associated behaviour (behavioral psychology) is also relevant for the economy, mostly in areas like marketing, performance, work-life integration, people and team development as well as leadership.

To be accurately informed about recent developments in science, I read a lot. In my trainings, I refer to the latest findings, which I convey briefly and understandably as well as interactively.

The business-relevant areas shown in the graphic can be covered in workshops or keynotes.

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