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Your Partner for Mindfulness & Neuro-Leadership Training and Consulting

As a neuroscientist and mindfulness trainer with many years of global business experience, I offer:

  • Business relevant, neuroscience and mindfulness based trainings and keynotes 
  • Consulting and concept development for the sustainable implementation of a mindful company culture

Tailored Solutions

The content and format are individually tailored to your needs. Together, and potentially enriched by some internal interviews, we will identify the core problem and define concrete goals. In conjunction with the budget framework and the corporate culture, these form the basis for the development of a measurable intervention program or workshop for employees and/or executives. In addition, I can help you develop a business case as well as communication plan to effectively get company buy in.

Standard Trainings

You decide to carry out a standard program in your company. Click on the button to learn more about those trainings.

STANDARD Trainings

MindTheMind for Improvement in These Areas

A Unique Training Approach 

In my trainings, I build on the latest scientific research findings and combine this knowledge with individual reflection and mindfulness practice to allow for personal growth in a supportive and empathic environment. To learn more click here.

 +41 79 619 16 32


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