Standard Trainings


You decide to implement a standardised program in your company. All training sessions can be adapted in terms of time and content. See below which training is best for your team.


Target group: People interested in leadership / emotional intelligence

Format: 2 full days (or 4 half days or 8x2h) + 4 weeks self-training

Methodology: short lectures, formal & interactive forms of meditation, exchange of experiences, transfer

Content: Self-Awareness & Self-Management, Motivation, Relationship Management & Empathy, Leadership

MINDfulness based stress reduction (MBSR)

Target group: Everyone interested learning about mindfulness

Format: 8x2.5h + 1 day of silence

Methodology: short presentations & discussion, exchange of experiences, different forms of meditation

Content: Understanding stress triggers & constructive coping mechanisms, attentive communication, mindfulness in everyday life


Audience: All (Online assessment and book available in English only)

Format: 1 half day (with optional follow-up) 

Methodology: theory, short experiencial exercises, discussion & action plan

Content: The 5 essential elements: Career, social, physical, financial & community wellbeing

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