life is like drawing, just without an eraser


Since 2018: Founder Claudia Thali - MindTheMind

2018 - 2019: SIY Trainer (SIY Leadership Institute, USA)

2018 - 2019: MBSR Trainer (Institute for Mindfulness, GE)

2010 - 2018: Global Product Strategy (Roche Global)

2006 - 2010: Product & Sales Management (Roche Switzerland)

2003 - 2006: College Teacher Licence in Biology (ETH Zurich)

2000 - 2005: MSc Neuroscience (ETH Zurich)

1999 - 2000: Certificate Education & Psychology (PHZ)

When I was pursuing my master’s degree in neuroscience about 15 years ago, the findings that the adult brain is plastic (malleable) were relatively new. Today, interdisciplinary research efforts build on this rapidly growing knowledge, which is equally applied in psychology, medicine and economy.

During my psychological and didactical education for the biology teacher certification, I more profoundly engaged with the understanding of the learning abilities of the human brain. This came in handy during my international career years. I often drew on the learned methodologies in order to simplify complex contents or when facilitating international meetings and workshops. 

Before founding my company in 2018, I spent over 12 years working for a large Swiss pharmaceutical company, including eight years in various global business functions with increasing responsibilities. For many years I had led the development and world wide roll out of global communication, marketing and market access strategies for several  first in class product launches. Continuous trainings (eg. at Wharton Business School) included team development & leadership, coaching, communication, moderation & presentation, positioning & strategy development, marketing and statistics.

For several years, mindfulness practice has accompanied me to balance out my sometimes stressful everyday life. In 2019 I will complete two trainings as a mindfulness teacher. Through the intensive practice, many relationships have improved, especially those with my two children and I'm feeling generally happier and more at ease. 

Then as now, the conscious, in the moment experience really fascinates me, as does the understanding of the human brain. This is why I’m now dedicated to leveraging the recent neuroscientific research findings as well as mindfulness practices to support people and companies in search of more success and life satisfaction.

 +41 79 619 16 32

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