Neuroleadership – Leading with heart and mind

A solid business strategy is based on data – great people development is based on science!

The body of knowledge in the field of neuroscience has exploded in the recent past. Today, concepts such as memory, focus, creativity, will, rationality, consciousness, emotions, etc. can be empirically studied and linked to specific regions and states in the brain (and also in the body).

The understanding of the mostly unconscious processes in the brain and body (=mind) and the associated behaviour (behavioural neurobiology) is highly relevant for today’s business, especially in areas such as marketing, performance, work-life integration, personality and team development as well as leadership.

In recent years, the approach of neuroleadership has become established in the business world. The term refers to the application of findings from the neurosciences to the field of leadership, innovation and change management. It focuses on how individuals make decisions, problem-solve, regulate their emotions, collaborate with and influence others, and facilitate change in a social environment.

In order to be informed about the current developments in neuroscience, I read many books and scientific publications. In my trainings I refer to the latest findings, which I convey in a short, understandable, and interactive way.